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Developing with Expo

Expo is a popular development platform in the react-native ecosystem.

Please be aware that while many people are using React Native Track Player with Expo successfully, the current maintainers of this project do not use Expo and their ability to resolve issues involving Expo is limited.

Development Build

A Dev Client is required in order to use this package (Expo Go is not supported).

To get started, create a development build for your Expo app and then install React Native Track Player.

Custom Entry Point

In order to configure the Playback Service within the entry point, you will need to create a custom entry point and adjust the package.json configuration.

By default, Expo points to an entry point in the node_modules folder. The path for this is configured in the "main" field of package.json. To create a new entry point:

  1. Copy the default one
cp node_modules/expo/AppEntry.js AppEntry.js 
  1. Update the "main" field of package.json to reference the new file e.g. "AppEntry.js"
  2. Edit the new file to have it import your app code, and configure the Playback Service.

Streaming HTTP

On newer versions of Android, HTTP streaming is disallowed by default (HTTPS is OK). However, it is only disallowed in production builds which can make this issue hard to diagnose.

To allow HTTP, you must first install the expo-build-properties package.

expo install expo-build-properties

Then add this configuration in app.json:

"plugins": [
"android": {
"usesCleartextTraffic": true

Background Audio

Here is the configuration required for audio playback in background: