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Migrating from v3.2 to v4

General Additions

  1. New Function: getActiveTrackIndex()
  • Description: Gets the index of the current track, or undefined if no track loaded.
  1. New Function: getProgress()
  • Description: Returns progress, buffer and duration information.
  1. New Function: getPlaybackState
  • Description: Returns the current playback state.
  1. New Events: Event.AudioChapterMetadataReceived, Event.AudioTimedMetadataReceived, Event.AudioCommonMetadataReceived
  • Description: More detailed metadata events that are emitted when metadata is received from the native player.

General Changes

  • The configuration option alwaysPauseOnInterruption has been moved to the android section of options.
await TrackPlayer.updateOptions({
+ android: {
+ alwaysPauseOnInterruption: true,
+ },
- alwaysPauseOnInterruption: true,
  • On iOS, the pitch algorithm now defaults to timeDomain instead of lowQualityZeroLatency. The latter has been deprecated by Apple and has known issues on iOS 17.

Swift Compatibility

In order to support iOS 12 (12.4 still officially supported by react-native), make SwiftUI optional.

In XCode add "-weak_framework" and "SwiftUI" to the "Other Linker Flags" build settings.

Hook Behavior Updates

The usePlaybackState() hook now initially returns { state: undefined } before it has finished retrieving the current state. It previously returned State.None, indicating no track loaded.

Player Method Updates

  • The remove() function now supports removing the current track. If the current track is removed, the next track in the queue will be activated. If the current track was the last track in the queue, the first track will be activated.

The getTrack() function now returns undefined instead of null.

Player State Updates

  • New player states have been introduced and some updated
  1. State.Error
  • New. Emitted when an error state is encountered.
  1. State.Ended
  • New. State indicates playback stopped due to the end of the queue being reached.
  1. State.Loading
  • New. State indicating the initial loading phase of a track.
  1. State.Buffering
  • Updated. Now emitted no matter whether playback is paused or not.
  1. State.Connecting
  • Deprecated. Please use State.Loading instead.

General Deprecations

  • The following functions and events have been deprecated:
  1. getState() - Please use the state property returned by getPlaybackState().
  2. getDuration() - Please use the duration property returned by getProgress().
  3. getPosition() - Please use the position property returned by getProgress().
  4. getBufferedPosition() - Please use the buffered property returned by getProgress().
  5. getCurrentTrack() - Please use getActiveTrackIndex().
  6. Event.PlaybackTrackChanged - Please use Event.PlaybackActiveTrackChanged. Also note that in 4.0 Event.PlaybackTrackChanged is no longer emitted when a track repeats.
  7. Event.PlaybackMetadataReceived - Please use Event.AudioChapterMetadataReceived, Event.AudioTimedMetadataReceived, Event.AudioCommonMetadataReceived.


  • The clearMetadata() function has been removed. Instead, use reset(), which stops playback, clears the queue, and clears the notification.

Typescript Imports

  1. If you were using deep imports from RNTP, the src has been completely reorganized, and so you may need to adjust your imports accordingly. If you've been importing everything directly (ex. import ... from 'react-native-track-player';) then you don't need to do anything.
  2. The PlaybackStateEvent interface has been renamed to PlaybackState