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Version: 3.1


A fully fledged audio module created for music apps. Provides audio playback, external media controls, background mode and more!


  • Lightweight - Optimized to use the least amount of resources according to your needs
  • Feels native - As everything is built together, it follows the same design principles as real music apps do
  • Multi-platform - Supports Android, iOS and Windows
  • Media Controls support - Provides events for controlling the app from a bluetooth device, the lockscreen, a notification, a smartwatch or even a car
  • Local or network, files or streams - It doesn't matter where the media belongs, we've got you covered
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming support - Support for DASH, HLS or SmoothStreaming
  • Caching support - Cache media files to play them again without an internet connection
  • Background support - Keep playing audio even after the app is in background
  • Fully Customizable - Even the notification icons are customizable!
  • Supports React Hooks 🎣 - Includes React Hooks for common use-cases so you don't have to write them
  • Casting support - Use in combination with react-native-track-casting (WIP) to seamlessly switch to any Google Cast compatible device that supports custom media receivers


If you want to get started with this module, check the Installation & Getting Started page. If you want detailed information about the API, check the API Reference. You can also look at our example project here.

import TrackPlayer, { RepeatMode } from 'react-native-track-player';

// Creates the player
const setup = async () => {
await TrackPlayer.setupPlayer({});

await TrackPlayer.add({
url: require('track.mp3'),
title: 'Track Title',
artist: 'Track Artist',
artwork: require('track.png')