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Version: 2.1

Offline Playback

There are two general use-cases for offline playback:

  1. An "Offline Only" case where all the audio is bundled with your App itself.
  2. A "Hybrid Offline/Network" case where some of the time you're playing from a network and sometime you're playing offline.

Both of these can be achieved by with this project. The only practical difference between the two is in the 2nd you'll need another package to download your audio while your App is running instead of loading into the App's source at build time.

After that, you simply send a Track object to the player with a local file path to your audio.

Offline Only

This case is simple, just stick your audio files in your repository with your source code and use the file paths to them when adding Tracks.

⚠️ Please take into consideration that this approach will increase the size of your App based on how much audio you want the user to be able to play. If you're doing anything substantial, it's recommended that you use the Hybrid Offline/Network approach.

Hybrid Offline/Network

To do this you'll first need to install a package like:

The typical approach is to then create a download button in your app, which, once clicked, uses one of the above packages to download your audio to a local file. Then voila! Simply play the local file after download.