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Version: 2.1



npm install --save react-native-track-player


npm install --save react-native-track-player#dev

iOS Setup

iOS requires a few extra steps that are not required for Android/Windows.

Enable Swift Modules

Because the iOS module uses Swift, if the user is using a standard react-native application they'll need to add support for Swift in the project. This can be easily by adding a swift file to the Xcode project -- could be called dummy.swift and saying yes when prompted if you'd like to generate a bridging header.

Importing Swift

Pod Install

You'll need to run a pod install in order to install the native iOS dependencies

cd ios && pod install


You can now use React Native Track Player with Expo.

Start by creating a custom development client for your Expo app and then install React Native Track Player.

Here is the configuration required for audio playback in background: