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Version: 4.1


Tracks in the player queue are plain javascript objects as described below.

Only the url, title and artist properties are required for basic playback

idstringThe track id
urlstring or Resource ObjectThe media URL
typestringStream type. One of dash, hls, smoothstreaming or default
userAgentstringThe user agent HTTP header
contentTypestringMime type of the media file
durationnumberThe duration in seconds
titlestringThe track title
artiststringThe track artist
albumstringThe track album
descriptionstringThe track description
genrestringThe track genre
datestringThe track release date in RFC 3339
ratingDepends on the rating typeThe track rating value
artworkstring or Resource ObjectThe artwork url
pitchAlgorithmPitch AlgorithmThe pitch algorithm
headersobjectAn object containing all the headers to use in the HTTP request
isLiveStreambooleanUsed by iOS to present live stream option in control center